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When Mideast Journalists are Forced to Keep the News to Themselves

Type: YouTube

Time: 3 minutes

Date: April 2011

Subject: On May 1-3, we mark World Press Freedom Day, an event that seeks to raise awareness of the importance of freedom of the press and to remind governments, specifically in the broader Middle East, the Arab world, and North Africa, of their duty to respect and protect the journalists, and not to target and intimidate the media.

Watch our latest viral video and help make this important message go viral!

Putting Women’s Rights Back on the Mideast Media Agenda

Type: YouTube

Time: 2 minutes

Date: March 2011

Subject: On March 8, 2011, we celebrate the many advancements women’s rights have made in the world by partaking in International Women’s Day festivities, but we remain cognizant of the many obstacles that women face particularly in the Arab world, the broader Middle East, and North Africa.

But in order to foster fundamental freedoms and human rights, we need our media to focus their attention on the plight of Middle Eastern women so that our policy makers can make informed decisions that promote their personal freedoms and professional opportunities.

View our latest video to find out how we can put women’s rights back on the Mideast media agenda.

When Palestinian Doublespeak Flies Under the Media Radar

Type: YouTube

Time: 1.5 minutes

Date: January 2011

Subject: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is often quoted by Western media outlets as wanting peace with Israel. He’s painted in a favourable light by foreign journalists who describe him as a “moderate” and a “pragmatist,” but Abbas’ own words relayed recently to his domestic Palestinian constituents don’t measure up to the peaceful image he presents worldwide.

View our latest viral video to find out about the real story that often goes unreported and how Palestinian doublespeak flies under the media radar.


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